Don Shenk


When it comes to hair, for many years my head has been a barren place. By age 40 I was primarily bald and came to the conclusion that any remaining hair on my head was just a nuisance. Since then I have been a dedicated head shaver. Several times over the past few years I have felt led to take a Nazirite vow, which includes no shaving and not partaking of any fruit of the vine. The opportunity to participate in this Year Beard has provided the motivation I need to finally commit to a Nazirite vow. This won’t be easy for me since I very much prefer to be clean shaven and I really enjoy eating grapes and raisins, but I eagerly anticipate growing deeper in my walk with God, and raising funds to help other people around the world hear the Good News of salvation through Jesus!

beard updates


february 1

march 11

may 15

july 5 – Bailout


In January I started out with the intent to keep growing for a full year, but my wife conspired with others to meet the buyout and I have been whiskerless since late May. Since I really want to finish the year out by raising even more funds to help others hear about Jesus I’ve jumped back in for a three month commitment. Also, even though I’ve met the stipulated sponsorship goal I want to raise the bar and so I’ve set my own goal to reach $3,000.00 for gospel broadcasting by the end of the year. Will you help me reach that goal?